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SEO Checker Comparison

SEO Checker Comparison

SEO Checker Comparison to get the best analysis

Measuring and analyzing constantly the positioning of your website is essential to determine if your SEO strategy is paying off or detecting possible problems that are preventing this goal from being achieved. So we have put together this SEO Checker comparison.

There are many SEO Checker tools you can find but the main problem for many people is its high cost. Let’s be clear, web positioning requires a significant investment before seeing its fruits, but not everyone can afford it.

That’s why today I want to try to give you a hand, recommending you a series of totally free tools with which you can sharpen your website from the SEO point of view. Free tools to improve your web positioning. Using this SEO Checker comparison guide and tools that I will propose, you can get a lot of information about the current status of your website and find many points of improvement.

1. WoorankSEO Checker Comparison

Woorank is a classic of free SEO Checker tools that you can find on the Internet to perform an SEO analysis of your website.

You just have to enter the URL and the tool begins to make an analysis that touches many points and where you will make different optimization recommendations.

2. MetricSpotSEO Checker Comparison

Do you need a visual and quick report? MetricSpot is the tool you need.

It is a very global look at the state of your website that you can save as a PDF.

It is a good tool if you are looking for a roadmap to follow.

3. StatsCrop

A tool that I do not usually see much recommended but that I personally like a lot is StatsCrop.

Its design is not as attractive as the ones mentioned above but in the end what interests are the data and StatsCrop offers you a good amount of them.

Traffic reports, top keywords, domain information, social networks, security …

A varied that in my opinion is very interesting, I recommend you give it a chance

4. Web Stats Domain

Another free option is Web Stats Domain where you can also see at a quick glance a large amount of information, similar to MetricSpot but less visually appealing.

Why talk about it if we already have MetricSpot?

I really like your section of web pages similar to the URL you are analyzing. An easy and quick way to find competitors and compare yourself to them.

5. SEO Spyder Monkey

SEO Checker Spyder Monkey is a tool that does not stand out for its visual aspect, or yes, but for bad.

Its operation is simple, you enter the URL, click on “Analyze” and it offers you a screen with results where it covers different SEO points.

Nothing new, right?

Well, what I like about this tool is that in each of those points you will see a “+” button that opens a drop-down with a recommendation to make.

Therefore not only offers you data, but also tells you what to do with them, something that I sometimes miss in some analysis tools.


No SEO Checker comparison would be complete without including our very own! We have our own FREE SEO Report tool too you know! Don’t forget us! We believe it is the best but of course, we have to say that! Our SEO checker goes the extra mile after you run a report we will actually email you an extended report that is compiled by a human SEO expert and NOT a computer! Click the banner below to get started.

free seo report

PPC Google Adwords Vs Organic SEO


PPC Vs SEO and Price Comparison

PPC Vs SEO – Should you do PPC (Pay Per Click) Google Adwords or should you do organic SEO? What is the price comparison? Which is more beneficial?

New Tool on SEORoids – FREE SEO Report plus a Surprise


Get your FREE SEO Report

Go to and run yourself a free SEO report. It will highlight any issues and anything good. If that is not enough, once you do that, I will personally take a look at your website and I will email you further useful information specific to YOUR website. Additionally, I’ll send you an unlisted private video walk-thru of your website explaining how you can improve your SEO and Google presence. Take advantage now before I can no longer offer this.

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5 Local SEO Secrets

5 Local SEO Services Secrets

Yes, There is Such Thing as Local SEO Services

If your company has a physical location and you want to attract potential customers located near your business, local SEO positioning interests you. Having done the “homework” to achieve a good SEO positioning does not involve good Local SEO Services.

1. Always use the same NAP

That corresponds to name, address and phone (name, address and telephone number).

In order for Google to consider your local business you must have:

A name: A physical address (not a postal address or a shared address). A telephone number including the local area code. If the contact information (NAP) appears on different pages within your website it is VERY IMPORTANT that they are always exactly the same.

You must also use the same NAP when you register any local directory. In fact, it is important to verify that your business appears with the same name, address and telephone number in the main local directories.

2. Include the name of your city or province

You must add the city or province in several places:

In the title tag title: It is one of the most important places to include information about city/province. Your business could appear in local rankings just for this.

In the meta description tag: Including city/province information can greatly increase the clickthrough rate for local search results. In the header H1: In any header you have on the page, it is important to include the information about city/province. In the URL: Create a page on your website that includes city/province information in the URL.

In the content: Clearly, it is important to include city/province information in your content. In the labelling (Alt Tag) of the images: Most local businesses do not use alternative text in their images. Make sure you have alternative text in all your images, and that you include the city/province information in your alternative text.

3. Optimize your page in Google My Business

Google My Business, is the new platform to manage our local business from a single tool, fully integrating Google Places and the company page of Google Plus (Local SEO Services).

You can access the new tool either from Google Places or from your company profile in Google Plus. The integration is total and we no longer differentiate one tool from another.

If you were already registered in either of the two, when you log in, the new Google My Business platform will appear.

4. Get reviews/comments

Reviews are a fundamental part of Local SEO Services. If we want to be among the first positions of the “map of thumbtacks”, one of the factors that take into account the algorithm of Google are the reviews with a good rating (4 or 5 stars).

It is also important to have many good reviews to increase the conversion rate of views in clients since now that Google shows reviews that appear within the list of “thumbtacks” in a single drop-down menu, users will read your reviews before seeing Any other information about your business.

5. Include an embedded Google Map

Include a Google Map embedded in your website, but make sure you do it correctly. Not only do you embed a map that indicates your address, you have to embed a map in which your “thumbtack” appears, that is, that includes your Google+ company page (Local).5 Local SEO Services Secrets

Overweight? Diet Plan – Not Ranking? SEO Plan


There are some parallels in a diet plan and an SEO plan. The struggles in a diet/weight loss plan are similar to that of an SEO project. In this video, I discuss the parallels and similarities.

Bulk SEO 12 Month Drip-Feed

12 Month Bulk SEO Drip-Feed Packages

The MOST reliable and Cost-effective way to manage your content and SEO

Have ALL your content and bulk SEO DONE – All set up and lined up! Set to drip-feed like clock-work for an entire YEAR!

  • NO Worrying about an SEO company letting you down
  • NO worrying about being too busy to create content
  • Have a website that runs on Auto-Pilot
  • Set and forget
  • Consistent drip-feed of content

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The Quick & Easy Guide To Create Relevant Content That Ranks & Converts

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Business to Business (B2B) Offer More and Increase Your Income


Wholesale and Whitelabel SEO

What type of B2B service do you offer your clients? While you are serving your clients with the products and/or services you offer. Do not forget that you can build additional income streams into your business by partnering with other service providers like us who offer White Label SEO. We offer SEO services which is something that every business needs whether they currently have an SEO plan or not.

We are seeking to form alliances with other reputable business services providers who want to expand their business services and their income. Can’t you provide an SEO service? You don’t have the “Know How”… No problem because WE DO Think of us as a part of you. Today, you can announce that YOU now offer web services or SEO services in addition to what you currently offer. We can provide you with a “White Label” service meaning that you provide the service to your client as if YOU are doing the work even though we work invisibly in the background on your behalf. In other words, you make money without doing any of the work as we provide you with the completed work at a wholesale price. Furthermore, the money you make is not a onetime profit but a residual monthly income for as long as you retain the client.

Every month we deliver the White Label SEO work to you in the form of reports. This comes to you unbranded. All you do is put your own letterhead or email signature on it and forward it on. We will never contact your client unless you ask us to and even then, we will introduce ourselves as a member of YOUR company.

What is Yoast SEO and why should you install it?

yoast SEO

Yoast SEO has everything you need for On-Page Optimization

Yoast SEO is a plugin that can not be missing from your WordPress because it contains everything necessary to optimize your website for search engine positioning and improve the presence in search results and social networks.

What is S.E.O.?

SEO is the acronym of Search Engine Optimization, meaning search engine optimization, and is a discipline within online marketing that studies how to make your website appear higher in the search engines. Getting the most out of SEO is not easy, you have to know a lot and dedicate many hours. There are SEO professionals who live exclusively from this: position websites. As independent professionals and entrepreneurs, we do not have the time or the knowledge to carry out a very deep SEO strategy on our own, but we can take care of some basic aspects that will allow us to gain positions in Google and get more clicks towards our website.

Yoast SEO puts SEO at your fingertips

In this sense Yoast SEO adds several options to your WordPress that allow you to control the SEO qualification of each text you post. And it makes it very simple. Just entering the keywords for which you want to position a particular entry or page will indicate, as you edit, which aspects of the article are good and which ones should be improved.

Control your presence on Google

The usual is not to control how the different pages and entries of a website appear in the search results and let Google show it how they want. This is not bad, but if we adjust some things in the way our content appears in the search engine, we could get more clicks just to show it better.

Yoast SEO allows you to design the snippet (title and description that appears in the results of Google), both the cover and each section of your website or your articles, so you can show a more attractive title or a good call to action to get people to choose to click on yours before others.

Control your presence in social networks

As if this were not enough, it also allows you to write a specific title to show on Facebook and Twitter when someone shares your page on those social networks, and thus achieve greater affinity with their particular audiences. The same if you want to show on Facebook or Twitter a different image of the one assigned to the post, you can also do it with Yoast SEO. Or even choose what image will be displayed on social networks when someone shares the home of your website. Something that almost in 90% of cases we forget to take care of.

Sitemap and verification before the search engines

Yoast SEO also facilitates the task of verifying your website with Google Search Console and other search engines. Verifying your website enables you to send Google a list of all the entries and pages of your website that you want to index, in order to facilitate the task and appear faster in searches. This listing in XML format is also generated by Yoast SEO in an automated way and keeps it updated without you having to worry. You can also access very useful reports that Google offers about the health and indexing status of your page.



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